Sue's Spring - Mary Maynard

Sue's Spring - Mary Maynard
Sue's Spring - Mary Maynard
Date: 03/04/06 20:58
Sample shell pink #10
R = ring; CH = chain; - or p = picots; -- = long picots
rw = reverse work; + = join; ds = double stitch
CTM = continuous thread method, wind shuttle and do not cut free from the ball

Sue's Spring motif by Mary Maynard 2006

10 repeats of the ring
All the rings have 10 ds, just have the picots in different places
All picots on rings are small for joining
Close all rings firmly as they are small rings.
All chains in the first two rounds are 10 ds
Reverse work after each ring and each chain
Motif 1 shuttle & ball CTM
R: 4 - 2 - 4 RW
Ch: 10 RW

12 repeats for Dave at Grizzlemountain
Repeat for 10 or 12 R's & Ch's + (last Ch at base of 1st R) Tie, cut & hide ends.

Motif 2 shuttle & ball CTM
R: 4 - 2 - 4 RW
Ch: 10 RW
R: 4 + (last p last R) 2 - 4 RW
Ch: 10 RW
Repeat to match 1st Motif + (last R to 1st p of 1st R & last Ch at base 1st R) Tie, cut & hide ends

Sue's Spring motif back by Mary Maynard 2006

Interlace first piece & push ring through space created in 2nd piece by chains. (Betty Alderson called this posting.) The two pieces should look like the bright coral image.

Joining Round shuttle & ball CTM
R: 5 + (2nd p 1st Motif R) 5 RW
Ch: 3 <-- 2> x 7, 3 RW
* R: 5 + (next p same R) 5
R: 5 + (next p next R) 5 RW
Ch: 3 <-- 2> x 7, 3 RW
Repeat from * around.
End with R: 5 + (last p last R) 5

Because last Ch will have been worked, cut that thread & TAT to hide that end + (base of 1st R) Cut & hide the last end.

Nearly any number of repeats from 8 to 12 would work depending on the finished size desired.

Note: After reading the tatting newsletter for June 6/7, 2019 about Mary Maynard's work, Sue Hanson was prompted to share a pattern by Mary that has not been made widely public. Please enjoy.

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